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PYRITE HEART for Protection, Prosperity & Positive Action

PYRITE HEART for Protection, Prosperity & Positive Action

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. 


Pyrite assists one in seeing behind false illusions, promoting an understanding of that which lies beneath words and actions.  The ancient Incas used Pyrite for meditation and divination.


Pyrite inspires the universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body.  It encourages the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being.  It allows one to recognise the purity of the universe as Self.


Pyrite properties include:


• Increases vitality and confidence

• Enhances will power

• Aids in overcoming bad habits and negative patterns

• Anchors one firmly into their body

• Ignites creativity and imaginative thinking

• Encourages commitment, perserverance and ambition

• Helps with focus and mental clarity

• Supports manifestation and positive action


[ Judy Hall] [Robert Simmons] [ Naisha Ahsian]

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