A Journey to Heart Awakening
with Prema Posner

Bhakti Yoga
Hatha & Yin Yoga
Globally Sourced Healing Methods

Experience the loving devotion of the Bhakti Yoga tradition and discover how to live a more compassionate life.


Prema weaves the eight limbs of yoga (the philosophical foundation) into her teachings for a more comprehensive practice. 

Join her and experience greater peace, joyful abundance, emotional security, alignment, and most of all LOVE.


​Yoga Is The Path of Resilience and Liberation

"Prema embodies the Divine Feminine Goddess and she encourages and embraces all those in her beautiful presence to do the his and her own unique ways.  Prema creates a temple of beauty, passion, grace and compassion in which each participant has the opportunity to experience their own strength and divinity!'


~ Dr. Seena R. Axel, Psychotherapist, Student


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Prema's Story

In 2009, Prema bought a one-way ticket to India and set off on a daring pilgrimage of the heart. Seeking healing and self-discovery, she completed her 500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training on the banks of the holy Ganges River, in Rishikesh.


For eight years, Prema traveled and trained extensively in yoga movement, energetic healing, and mysticism.  She has studied with Shamans and at spiritual centers in Bali, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, and more…


"Discovering Prema is as rewarding and dreamy as is coming upon a secret beach on some far-off island where the medicinal blue waters quietly - and ever so lovingly - pull in and push away."


Matt Boren, Actor, Writer, Student

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