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Bhakti Yoga Traditions,

Hatha & Yin Classes,

Globally Sourced Healing Methods.

A Journey to Heart Healing
with Prema Posner

When you are free to love yourself just as you are, you free your neighbor to do the same.
The world becomes your greatest teacher; you begin to see love and beauty in all things.

Mental Flexibility
Ease in your Body
Peace in your Heart

You hold the map to your internal landscape. Deep down, you know where you feel stuck. You know where you're hurting. You know where you need to be loved.

Discover a variety of healing modalities so that you can design a life-long practice that’s effective for you.

The Total Heart Immersion experience is designed to help you tap into your innate wisdom and ability to self-heal.


Prema's Story

In 2009, Prema bought a one-way ticket to India and set off on a daring pilgrimage of the heart. Seeking healing and self-discovery, she completed her 500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training on the banks of the holy Ganges River, in Rishikesh.


For eight years, Prema traveled and trained extensively in yoga movement, energetic healing, and mysticism.  She has studied with Shamans and at spiritual centers in Bali, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, and more…

Love, Devotion, Ritual.

LIVE your yoga and find joy in the human experience.

The sweet nectar of Bhakti:

Recite mantras, meditate, and sing

your way to freedom of spirit & a compassionate heart.

Learn daily rituals

that help you to unlock the transformational power of grounding and gratitude.

Cultivate an intimate connection

to your authentic self and to the Divine.


Em-BODY-ment of Yoga.

As Within, So Without.

When you are out of balance, your body is the first to know. What signals are you receiving? Are you clenching your jaw? Tension in your neck and shoulders? Shallow breath?


In our virtual studio space, sensation leads the way.

Slow, thoughtful movement enhances the way your body + mind communicate, promoting a two-way channel of healing.


Shift the energy of your day, one breath at a time.


Drop into Moksha-Freedom.

Private energy healing and crystal therapy for heart activation.

Negative memories block energy flow through all aspects of life. When left untreated, these painful impressions can dull your experience on Earth.

It’s time to clear the fog. Restore your Joie de Vivre.



Global traditions you can trust.

Prema trained directly with master healers around the world to bring you sessions that combine a variety of ancient healing methods.


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Hatha & Yin Classes

Gentle yoga sequences, infused with meditation and pranayama (breathwork).

A soulful online experience that expands your heart, connects you to community, and inspires peace.

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 Meditation & Mantra


Soothe anxiety, uplift your mood, cultivate peace.


Overcome years of negative messaging & break free from limiting mental states.


Rediscover who you really are. 

Energy Healing &

Crystal Therapy


Break down protective walls, heal old wounds, and restore balance.


A spa day for your spirit.


Healing methods increase the flow of Prana, leaving you nourished and revitalized.


Student Testimonials

'Having had the blessed experience of being and breathing in the goddess temples of India, I can only say that being in Prema's yoga class comes in as a close second! It isn't the choice of the Centering Meditation she begins with each class (although I must say they are always meaningful and timely), or the flow of Asanas she guides us through (each class an inner and outer journey). Neither is it the exquisite music she DJ's, nor the sacred meditations/mantras/mudras and movements she inspires.




Prema embodies the Divine Feminine Goddess and she encourages and embraces all those in her beautiful presence to do the his and her own unique ways.


Prema creates a temple of beauty, passion, grace and compassion in which each participant has the opportunity to experience their own strength and divinity...a goddess template, indeed!'


Dr. Seena R. Axel

Psychotherapist, Student

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