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A Journey to Heart Awakening
with Prema Posner

Bhakti Yoga
Hatha & Yin Yoga
Globally Sourced Healing Methods

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Experience the loving devotion of the Bhakti Yoga tradition and discover how to live a more compassionate life.


Prema weaves the eight limbs of yoga (the philosophical foundation) into her teachings for a more comprehensive practice. 

Join her and experience greater peace, joyful abundance, emotional security, alignment, and most of all LOVE.

"Prema is my gift to myself. For a young woman, she’s one of the wisest people I know and an amazing yoga teacher. There’s a gentle flow to her classes as she artfully blends meditation with mudras, chanting, and asanas. She thoughtfully and smoothly offers her teachings, always with a smile and the suggestion to simply let go and not take ourselves so seriously.
Prema is able to take the philosophy of yoga and the many teachings she’s experienced, both personally and through her extensive readings, and share it all in simple and digestible pieces with her students. She’s a natural teacher, who’s extremely generous with her knowledge and makes learning fun. I love how she brings us wonderful little poems and stories to feed our souls.
There’s a brilliance to Prema, she’s shiny, like a beautiful treasured piece of jewelry, or a multi-faceted crystal.
Quite simply, Prema is truly the embodiment of love and I feel so lucky to have found her and have her in my life.
~ Debra Reiss, LCSW 

Online Student 


​Yoga Is The Path of Resilience and Liberation