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Release tension in your body and mind with this relaxing special class

  • 20 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Class

Service Description

Take time for yourself with this healing Special Restorative Yoga practice. This class is all about letting go. The sequence is gentle, deeply relaxing, and will provide the stress relief that so many of us need. When we are stressed, our cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are constantly raised which leads to adrenal burnout. When the adrenals burn out it sets off a chain reaction that leads to a hormone, circulatory system, and neural function imbalance. Restorative yoga creates a relaxation response that resets the nervous system. Prema will guide you into a state of deep rest. All of the postures are supported by multiple props which helps you relax and release with greater ease. This practice is accessible for all students. You will need the following props for class: - 1 Large bolster (or firm cushion, pillow) - 1 Small bolster (or firm cushion, pillow) - 2 Blankets - 2 Blocks - Additional cushions and/ or towels - Eye pillow (washcloth or eye pillow) - Sandbag if available

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